Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiling-up Loose Ends

Tiling has resumed at noTTafarm! Scott installed the tile floor inside the powder room, figured out how to do the transition from the hall into the former kitchen, and designed a transition from the new stairwell to the landing in the connector. There was a lot of thinking and measuring and thinking and cutting but finally, some mudding! Check out the details:

Friday night, Scott laid out the tile to ensure the room was square (hence the laser level.) 
Saturday, the first six tiles went down before lunch. We are using the same 12x24 tile used in other areas of the first floor. Because the room is so small, Scott chose to utilize the simpler "stack bond" pattern for the floor. 
Each tile around the perimeter needed to be cut so it took a little more time. By Saturday late afternoon, most of the floor was covered.
Sunday morning, Scott began tinkering with the idea of creating a transition pattern between the herringbone-patterned hallway and the stack bond patterned powder room. He chose to create a row of baby-sized tiles (about 2.5 inches wide each) which line up perfectly with tiles inside and outside the bathroom.
He also worked with the transition from the hallway into the former kitchen. He will need to do a little work on the existing sub-floor before we can call this one "done."
Meanwhile, over by the door to the garage at the top of the basement stairs . . . Scott played around with a few ideas to create another smooth transition. The blue tape indicates tiles that hadn't yet been put in place since we finished the rest of the tile back in February.
Scott is bored by using number to name his tile. For this batch, he used symbols. What a nut.

Meanwhile, upstairs . . . 
My work with the poly-coating continued all weekend. Saturday, I completed the coat of brush-on poly on everything on the second floor. Sunday, I started sanding the trim, and adding the two coats of wipe-on poly. The big excitement is that I completed the entire master bedroom and was able to take down the frog tape. This room is nearly "done!" 
Removing the frog tape is the very best part of this process (that, and the beautiful woodwork that is created.)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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