Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring is for Kitties

Thursday after work, the Leo and Wilson were chompin' at the bit to go outside and enjoy the spring weather. It was windy but they made the best of it, spending about a half hour outdoors before reporting back to the great room patio door. This was Wilson's first venture outside, and he was very cautious.  Good kitty!
"Ahhhh! Spring Has Sprung!"
Bibbers was on patrol, as usual. He had a nice chat with Wilson, and they've reached an understanding. (That is, Bibbers is in charge and the rest of you "house cats" tow the line or get the heck back inside.)

Wilson and Leo went outside Friday evening, also. Leo reported back to the front door promptly but Scott had to hunt Wilson down in the corn crib. He had rolled around in the dirt somewhere and was absolutely filthy! I had to rub him down with a wash cloth - which, you may be surprised to read, he did not enjoy.

C'mon Over and See the Kitties!

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