Sunday, October 13, 2013

Window Wells Finally Safe From "Drop-In" Visitors

The deep window wells on the west side of the basement under the new addition have seen their fair share of action over the past year. In addition to Bibbers taking the plunge three times, we've discovered a never-seen-again cat, a toad, and a mouse. With winter looming and the thought of something (more smelly?) falling in and getting stuck, Scott devised a plan to safely prevent access.
As described in previous posts, the wells are over 6-feet deep, and wide open to any creature (man or beast) that stumbles by. Aside from being a deathtrap, the wells offer a lot of natural light to the basement.
Scott began installation of the new grates by bolting steel angles to the concrete walls of each well.
The steel grates were ordered from The Metal Rack, the same supplier Scott used for all of the steel used on the stair rails in the connector. Each grate weighs enough that he had to employ the Ranger to drive them around from the garage to the back of the house.
The heavy grates now rest on a rim created by the steel angles. If a person is exiting the basement via the window, all he/she would need to do is push mightily on the grate and shove/lift it out of the way. Future plans call for a hinge mechanism and more user-friendly escape hatch - but at least the wells are protected from uninvited guests.
Here's a view of both grate-covered window well openings. Good job, Scotty!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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