Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday Fun-Day with Allie and Maggie

While cleaning the garage sounds like fun, having a visit from our great nieces Allie and Maggie is even funner! These two little ones are such cutie pies . . . and what a treat to get to see them two weekends in a row!
Allie had on the cutest owl-themed outfit - the perfect ensemble for a trip to the pumpkin patch they made earlier in the day. She is quite the Fashionista!
Three-month-old Maggie is just a complete doll! She is very mellow and doesn't make a fuss. She is quite content to be held (by Daddy Nick) or not - just whatever. Her big sister adores her!
The highlight of the visit was my brilliant idea to pull Allie in the wagon, up and down the driveway, through the yard, 'round and 'round in the empty garage - all the while having her little voice urging me to "go faster!!" I think I've discovered a new exercise routine! She was quite entertained to sit in the wagon and eat peanuts out of the shell.
We Love Visitors!

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