Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Garage Clean-up Cures LJD Hangover

After all the hub-bub of Lumberjack Days, we were feeling pretty pooped. By the time the weekend arrived, the effort mustered for a Saturday outing centered on taking our empty bottles to the glass recycling dumpster on Maple Street. Sunday afternoon, we felt a bit more energetic, and turned our attention to cleaning the garage. (Who says we don't have fun?)
 You can tell he means business; all of the vehicles were moved out of the way.
The poor garage has been neglected. The 5-gallon bucket of paint we bought last winter is still waiting to be used. There are 16 feet of upper and lower cabinets - salvaged from one of Scott's project sites - that need to be installed. There are lots of tools that need to be returned to their homes in the basement. Quite a mess!
Once most of the "stuff" was put someplace, Scott swept (I helped a little) and power-washed the floor.
Following some deliberation and measuring, we settled on the new cabinet arrangement. 
With the fridge moved to the west wall, we could put 8 feet of cabinets on the south wall. The other cabinets will span the second and third bays, and hang on the west wall. Of course, Scott is insisting that the painting (two coats, for sure) needs to be complete before the cabinets are installed. He is also considering adding an epoxy finish to the floor. But - at least the garage is clean!
Stay Tuned for Another Exciting Adventure!

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