Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Assorted iPhone Photos

Scott has captured some interesting pictures on his phone over the last few weeks that are just too cool not to share:
Scott was in the north side of the barn doing something when he felt like he was being watched. He just happened to look "up" and saw Bibbers walking along the rafters overhead! Bibbers really has the whole "barn cat" thing figured out.
The fire set the Saturday morning of Lumberjack Days made short work of the big brush pile in the west yard. Scott continued to monitor the ash pile for a few days, finding coals buried beneath up until a rain storm the following Thursday.
One night last week, our new patio umbrella was missing from its home on the south patio. Scott found it perched on the roof over the dining room, the apparent victim of a wind gust. He climbed out the guest room window to nab it and secure it indoors.
At the end of a few hours of mowing this evening, the dust cloud created by the Toro added vibrancy to the sunset. Just another reminder that noTTafarm is a beautiful place!

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Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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