Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Couch, Two Couch . . . Orange Couch, Blue Couch!

The only exciting thing that happened around noTTafarm this weekend was the delivery of our newly-reupholstered couch! I selected fabric from Textiles, Inc. in July, then waited patiently until it came up on the schedule at Norman Upholstery. I am quite pleased with my fabric selection, and the couch looks fantastic.
Orange Couch
This couch was purchased about five years ago from Nebraska Furniture Mart (of course.) The dark orange upholstery looked great in our TV room, upstairs at Grant Street. Since we moved to noTTafarm two years ago, it's been our main go-to couch, and has suffered a bit from drywall dust, food particles, and cat claws.
Blue Couch
The new fabric is a beautiful grayish-blue (or is it blue-ish gray?) heavy duty polyester that looks and feels like cotton. If you want the statistics, you can find them here: A little extra fluff was added to the cushions, too, to help the couch look even better. Wilson is already back to his old spot on the west end.

We invite you to visit and relax on our new old couch . . . just don't sit on the big black and white kitty.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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