Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stair Rail Project (Finally) Takes a Step Forward

Today (October 26) was the day that Scott chose (at last!) to work on the stair rail system in the connector. You may recall info I shared last June regarding the steel railings Scott fabricated. Though we have had a sturdy handrail in place, the panels that would protect a child or other smallish creature from falling through were not yet installed. The project has been on hold but Scott made wonderful progress today.

Like many previous projects, the first step is numbering and labeling with small pieces of green Frog tape.

Measuring and cutting the polycarbonate was made easier with the big palette table in the basement.

Scott determined that a razor blade/cutter was the best tool for slicing the poly. Just a few passes and the panels were cut to the correct size.

 It was like old times having Scott working away in the basement!

Once the panels were cut, they were temporarily put in place with clothes pins. The next step will be permanently attaching the panels to the steel uprights by drilling through both and securing with acorn nuts. It will be a tedious job but one that Scott looks forward to completing.

Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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