Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Fire in the Great Room!

We've reached another milestone in the new addition! This past week, we enjoyed a fire in the Rumford fireplace for the first time. Last weekend, we found a suitable screen at Lowe's so Scott was reassured that wild sparks wouldn't have a chance to burn the floor. As Scott got the kindling and wood in position, we were cautiously optimistic that the flue would draw smoke straight up, rather than failing and filling the house with smoke. Luckily - or maybe because the fireplace was correctly constructed - the first fire was smoke free and declared a success!
Of course, Wilson and Leo had to get in on the action. What kitty wouldn't love to investigate wood that has been in a big pile in the back yard for a few months?

 A final sweep of loose crumbs before ignition . . . 

Everyone knows that a Rumford fire should be started by placing the wood in a tee-pee configuration.

It took some convincing but I was allowed to place a wreath and some black iron deer on the mantel. I think we've got a pretty cozy looking fireplace!

Good Job, Scotty!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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