Sunday, October 13, 2013

So This Happens Now . . .

Bibbers started out as the Corn Crib Cat. We fed him there, and seemed to catch glimpses of him there most often. Then, Bibbers became the Barn Cat. Scott built him a cardboard condo to ride out the winter, and he always seems to be there when you go in to retrieve a garden tool or store some lumber. Then, Bibbers became the Courtyard Kitty. Once the new east concrete was poured, we fed him there and he always seems to be around when you head out the door. But now . . . we've got us an actual outside pet!
Suddenly, out of the blue, Bibbers welcomes human touch. He actually seems to enjoy being greeted with a pat or two!
Wednesday evening, he accompanied us on a walk up to the east pasture then around the entire west trail circuit, all the while sticking right close to Scott's feet. We still need him to live in the barn and help control any rodents . . . but it's nice that after three years, he's learned to trust us.
Stay Tuned for Bibbers' Next Adventure!

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