Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Work Progresses Before and After Christmas

Saturday (December 22), the wood floor contractor sent a crew of three to noTTafarm to begin laying out the flooring on the second floor. They worked for about three hours, and managed to organize and place most of the flooring; however, we are awaiting the arrival of stair nosing and floor registers. The crew may be back as early as Friday (December 28) to permanently install the flooring . . . just in time for the delivery of our new mattress on Saturday!
All of the flooring is comprised of three-foot long strips of solid Acacia. (Did I ever mention that Scott is an alum of Acacia Fraternity? This is not the reason we selected this wood but it does make for an interesting tidbit.)
 The floor in the master closet taking shape.
 The bedroom looks even more cozy now!
Scott spent the majority of his Saturday and Sunday in the great room, preparing to stain the applied trusses and window trim. Yes, I said "preparing." He decreed that the taping had to be absolutely perfect, and spent his weekend atop the scaffolding and a series of ladders. We should have purchased stock in the Frog Tape Company!
Luckily, Scott did not work on Christmas Eve so he made good headway on the actual staining. This photo of the east high wall shows the contrast of stained and unstained pine.
The west high wall is completely finished (well, "finished" except for poly-coating and tape removal and paint touch-up.)
On Wednesday (the 26th) the electricians returned to install two of our new cable light systems. Show above is the fixture in the lower connector hallway. For some reason, the similar fixture installed in the upper connector is not working so the electrician will have to do some detective work. These sleek fixtures really look great, and it's nice to have additional light on the first floor.
Also on Wednesday, the leveling concrete was FINALLY poured in the hallway, pantry, and kitchen, as needed. The floor was quite uneven in these areas where the old house meets the new house. This sub-sub-floor should create an even surface for the tile, and prevent future damage.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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