Sunday, December 30, 2012

Woodwork Staining Wraps Up 2012

This whirlwind of a year is nearly complete, and Scott and I are celebrating by concentrating on staining all the woodwork and windows. My goal is to have the great room and dining area completely stained and poly'd by Wednesday (Jan. 2), and the master suite completed by Friday (Jan. 4).

The wood floors are yet to be installed upstairs. After having our fingers crossed that the floor guys would return Friday (Dec. 28), they were again delayed by the late delivery of the floor registers. They are scheduled to return next Friday (we'll see...)

The scaffolding is really coming in handy! Scott completed staining the woodwork and small window on the high north wall Saturday morning.
The overall look of the woodwork is stunning! The applied trusses have really made the room more cozy.
Saturday afternoon, the countertop guys from GMS Werks returned to work on a few tasks. Scott helped out by cutting the holes for the sink drains.
The crew will return on Wednesday to finish installing the sink and faucet, and to give the counters a final polish.
The big task accomplished was the placement and cutting of an 80-mm hole in the peninsula for the pop-up outlet strip. They definitely measured more than twice before boring into the quartz.
The counter in the master bath was delivered on Thursday but the sink holes were a smidge off.  The guys took care of that adjustment on Saturday so now the sinks are lined-up correctly.  Gorgeous!
Meanwhile, we stained the two west windows before quitting for the day. Scott and I have decided to divide the tasks: he will take the sashes out of the windows and carefully stain every nook and cranny that no person nor drop of sunlight will ever see, and I'll do everything else.
On Friday, the electricians returned to work on the non-functioning light on the connector's balcony. The 6-lamp fixture looks great and casts a warm glow.
A view from the bottom of the stairs...the cable lights are identical at both locations.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm loving the master bath sinks. Everything is coming together beautifully!