Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wood Trim: 95% Complete (For Now)

The wood trim crew finished up all that they could on Wednesday. All of the windows and all of the doors (except one) now have beautiful pine trim. It's amazing how "finished" a room looks with the trim in place.
The window on the west high wall of the connector was accessed with the help of a scaffold. The crew was kind enough to agree to let us keep the scaffold until we get everything stained and the light fixtures installed. This should be much easier (and safer!)

The doors to the linen closet and laundry closet

Barn Doors!
The master bath and master closet utilize sliding barn doors. We are so pleased with the sleek style and smooth operation.
The pantry door will also have this type of hardware. It is the only door that is not yet hung and trimmed. The floor in the kitchen must be leveled before the trim can be finalized. 

Stay tuned for our adventures with staining, sanding, and poly-coating all of the beautiful trim. And don't forget baseboards! They are ours to stain, sand, poly-coat AND install. 

More Progress To Come!

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