Thursday, December 20, 2012

Progress Check

The week began with a list of six things that we could expect this week (see previous post). With the impending holidays and giant snow storm, only a portion of that list was accomplished. Rather than worry about what's left undone, let's celebrate what has been done during the past four days!

DONE:  plumbing hook-up of hot water to Geothermal
DONE:  second floor flooring delivery 
SORTA DONE:  Counter tops delivery and installation
ARRIVED: two boxes of light fixtures

This copper piping runs water used by the geothermal system into the new storage tank. This warm water is piped across the basement to the existing water heater which now runs more efficiently because the water is already warm...does this make sense? Ultimately, our water heater should use less electricity and save us millions of dollars each year. Or something like that. (Geesh...and I work for an engineering firm...I should be able to explain this.)
The golden acacia flooring selected for the second floor was delivered Wednesday. 26 boxes weighing about 2,000 pounds total were stacked neatly in the garage. Scott toted 12 boxes upstairs during his lunch hour. I helped him move the other 14 boxes in after work. Now all we need is for the flooring guy to find time to come and install - which may or may not happen as soon as Saturday. 
The kitchen counters were delivered on Thursday, and they are beautiful! The quartz is a soft gray, contrasting nicely with the dark-stained cabinetry. The peninsula pictured above will be ideal for rolling out sugar cookies...too bad it's not ready for this week's holiday baking.  The installation was delayed slightly when the delivery van got stuck in the snow at our driveway's entry. The countertop guys should return on Friday to finish and perhaps bring along the master bathroom counter. 
The cable light fixtures we selected to use throughout the new addition arrived in two big boxes on Friday. Scott sorted through all the parts and pieces, and got them ready for installation. Luckily, the electrician is eager to give this a go and even got a good start on Wednesday by installing most of the transformers. He may be back next week to finish. 

Now that the holidays are imminent, I suspect progress will crawl to a near-dead pace. Scott and I will need to make good progress of our own on the woodwork staining. If anything happens, you'll be the first to know! 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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