Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taking Flight

After my grumpy post earlier today, I learned that the electrician was at noTTafarm installing light fixtures! Nothing gives you hope and lifts your spirits more than a little unexpected progress. And to top it off, Leo came home from Gramma's house tonight!

Leo checked out the newly-installed "Flight Ring" centered above the dining area. This 48"-wide stainless steel halo of light is absolutely gorgeous! A team of two from the electrical contractor completed the task of installation; the ring is suspended by 4 thin cables which had to be precisely attached in order for the fixture to hang correctly.

What a treat to walk into the house and find the warm glow of eight uplights illuminating the great room! These fixtures are just enough to create a cozy atmosphere. Four sconces are positioned on each of the east and west high walls.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by 
to bask in the noTTafarm glow!

Now that the cabinet staining/finishing is complete, Scott agreed that we could take down the final barrier between old and new portions of the house.
For the past several months, this has been the view to the north if you are standing in the south doorway. Layers of Tyvek and rigid insulation helped keep hot air out, tried to keep dust down, and offered some privacy from a string of contractors. 
Now with the temporary wall down, a full view of the kitchen and dining area from the south doorway is afforded. It won't be much longer (maybe a month?) until the floors are in and the parlor can be cleared of its status as our TV room.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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