Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deep Breathing

Be glad the internet hasn't figured out a way to send odors to your desk top . . . I would love to share the scent of the fumes we've been breathing this week!  Suffice to say that if your cabinet finisher offers to stain and clear coat your new cabinets on-site rather than back at his shop, insist on the "shop" option.  The good news is that the cabinets are nearly finished and look fantastic.  The bad news (aside from the dull pain I feel in my noggin) is that Leo has been at Gramma and Grampa Camp's house for two days to avoid the potentially-harmful chemicals; we've missed having him underfoot!
The final finish is pretty dark so it's hard for me to take a photo to show detail, especially with a work lamp as the only light source. The stain looks just as I had hoped!
The painters will be back today (Wednesday) to finish hanging the cabinet doors. They dropped one of the drawers yesterday and damaged it so they'll have a new drawer front fabricated and return it soon. Hopefully, they'll finish it at their shop! 

In other news. . . 
  • We found out on Monday that not only is the hardwood flooring not being installed upstairs this week as scheduled, the flooring we selected hadn't even been ordered yet. We are now facing a 2-3 week delay in having flooring upstairs. (Ask me if I'm happy about this . . . I'll give you a colorful description of my thoughts on the topic.) Scott is scrambling to find a good substitute flooring, so stay tuned! 
  • The electrician planned on installing light fixtures in the great room yesterday but had to leave when the painters began the clear coat process...too stinky even for a tough-guy electrician! 
  • We had our first really, really cold day of the winter on Monday. Luckily, we have a wonderfully-insulated garage so my car was nice and toasty when I left for work. 
  • Work continues on painting and staining woodwork - photos of progress to come!  
  • I was granted a reprieve from work on Sunday so I could join Mom and Chelsie in Lincoln. We enjoyed a little shopping (of course!), a nice lunch (naturally!), and a tour of the Governor's Residence. The Governor and First Lady greeted visitors at the front door, and had the home open so the public could enjoy their Christmas decorations. Mom has worked on the Residence planning committee so was a wonderful tour guide for Chelsie and me. We especially enjoyed meeting the First Puppy, Snickers.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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