Sunday, December 2, 2012

And You Thought We Had Forgotten . . .

. . . but no! The 1920 bathroom has been under construction for a loooonnnnggg time but after this weekend, it is finally looking like a "real" bathroom. It's amazing how a little paint and a sink can make a bathroom seem like paradise.  
Saturday morning, Scott was finally satisfied with the "fixing" he did to the drywall on the ceiling, and he graciously agreed to paint two coats.

 Saturday afternoon, he primed the walls.

Sunday afternoon, it was time to paint the walls in a soft yellow. 
Sherwin Williams SW6900 Optimistic Yellow

The yellow is a wonderful accent to the sharp white and gray tile. Scott installed the sink and towel bar last week, and the medicine chest tonight.
The wall paint color is the same that we selected when the bathtub was refinished. 

There are still a few things on the To Do list before this bathroom can officially be called "done:" install the granite shower curb, install the shower head, install the shower curtain rod, install two towel bars, install the bathtub fixture, and install the wood trim. But for now, we're happy.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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  1. Mama Marita emailed this comment today:
    "We just looked at the blog for Sunday. Wow!! the bathroom looks just great! I love the pale yellow goes so well with the black (sic) and white tile. Good work!!!!!"