Monday, January 3, 2011

Out With the Old...In With the New!

Happy New Year from noTTafarm!

Scott and I started the new year with a little manual labor in the house.  Since the contractor has a dumpster on-site, we took advantage by tearing up the floor in the 1920 upstairs bathroom.  Nothing too exciting but every little piece of work brings us closer to completion.

BEFORE:  Vinyl floor, pink painted clawfoot tub, no sink.

DURING:  Scott turned off the water, unhooked the fixtures, then moved them as needed.  The vinyl floor was covering plywood which was covering 1950s composite tile (in a typical mint, pink, and beige dot pattern).  The tile was glued to the douglas fir subfloor with tar paper.  Fun times!

Scott was able to add some wood trim to the dumpster but is saving the 6" tall pine baseboards for future use.

This is the floor in the adjacent closet.  The wall at right will be demolished to enlarge the bathroom.

AFTER:  The wood trim has been taken out and the floor stripped of as much tar as possible.  The sub-floor is pretty well rotted from water damage and the plaster is not much better.  That's OK!  We're going to strip it all down to the bare bones before rebuilding bigger and stronger.

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