Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Structural Remediation: Day 2

Tuesday, the crew poured the new concrete footings, installed the remaining temporary stud support walls, and removed the old wood columns and beams.

The old beam pockets were enlarged to accomodate the new steel beams.  The bearing plates will soon be installed.

To prevent the south entry from sagging, the crew beefed-up the header above the front door.   The load from the soon-to-be-installed beam on the second floor will bear directly on this area.  The new beam is necessary to replace the stud wall between two small bedrooms.

The crew is scheduled to return on Monday, January 3rd, after the footings have had a chance to cure. 


  1. That's some nice concrete... I like that concrete!

  2. OK, weirdo. I can't wait to see your reaction to new plumbing elements in a few weeks!