Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Sunny Winter's Day

Twas the day after Christmas . . . and all (oh, never mind.)

While I was busy napping, Scott spent the afternoon at noTTafarm.  In addition to working on tasks to get ready for the contractors due this week, he enjoyed the sunny (but cold!) scenery.  We had a dusting of huge, sparkly snowflakes this morning which gave a really nice glow to the surroundings.
Sure the yard in front of the corn crib was pretty and white . . . but you know why Scott took this photo?  Check out that little yellow fluffball in front of the trailer.
It's Bibbers, our Corn Crib Resident!  Scott always offers a fresh bowl of food when he visits.

Pretty afternoon sunshine.

The basement is ready for the contractor!  They are scheduled to begin work on Monday, December 27th, to correct the settled and sagging structure.  Two beams and four columns will be replaced with steel.  Of course, we are keeping the original timber...just in case we can find a use for the 100+-year old wood.

Stay tuned for "action shots" coming this week!

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