Monday, December 6, 2010

At Last! Water Comes to noTTafarm!

After weeks of delay and scheduling difficulties, the trenching company finally got started December 6th.  The driveway is now lined with a 4-foot high ridge of dirt.  The HDPE pipe has been laid, and tomorrow work will continue to add a copper pipe connection into the house.

Scott visited noTTafarm during his lunch hour and was pleased with the progress!  Who would imagine that a 18"-wide x 5' deep trench would create such a big, long pile of dirt!? 

For several feet on either side of a major drainage culvert, the trencher found tons of concrete rubble and even pieces of steel.  The contractor will haul an estimated three truckloads of rubble away and replace it with dirt.  If you ever wanted any free concrete chunks, you'd better hurry!

The HDPE awaits its new home at the bottom of the trench.

We had our first hint of the impending work on Saturday when a Bobcat and backhoe made an appearance near the house.  Scott was so excited to see the heavy equipment coming up the driveway!
Is Scott secretly adding a backhoe and a Bobcat to his Christmas list?  Of course!

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