Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Husband The Poet

Scott has been so excited to see the water line progress this week!  The trenching crew has done a great job, and Scott has made daily visits to noTTafarm to gauge the progress.  When he visited over the lunch hour on Wednesday, the crew had not yet made it to the site.  Scott was a little disappointed - so he wrote and emailed the following to me:

went out to noTTafarm at lunch
to check on my hunch
that they'd be done with their work
or would they act like a jerk
but to my surprise
I couldn't believe my eyes
they hadn't even been there today
must have stayed home to play
at least I fed Bibbers and gave him some water
then set up the trail cam.....maybe it's an otter!

The crew was back at work Wednesday afternoon.  Stay tuned for updated photos and details!

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