Monday, January 3, 2011

An "Uplifting" Start to the New Year

The contractor's crew was back on site Monday to continue the structural remediation.  Scott stopped by noTTafarm after work to gauge the progress.  He was thrilled to report the successful installation of the steel beams and columns. Immediate success was seen on the first and second floors...though we do have new (expected) cracks in the plaster.

View:  looking southwest in the 1920 dining/living room.  The floor used to slope 2" from right to left.

One of the new cracks in the plaster.  Oh well!

One of the jacks being used to jack-up the house, allowing the new steel columns to be set in place.

The two new steel columns will replace the original wood columns.  Here, an old wood column is used to temporarily hold the new steel beam in place while the new steel columns are set.  The wood column and jack will be removed Tuesday. 
One of the new W8 x 18 steel beams.

We're unsure if this neat old jack was used - but it looks pretty cool!

The small bedroom on the second floor used to have a dip in the corner by the register vent.  No more!

The crew will be back Tuesday to finish necessary concrete work on the basement floor.  They will then move on to the removal of the wall and setting of the new beam in the second floor bedrooms.

Stay Tuned for the Next Report from noTTafarm!

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