Monday, January 3, 2011

Trail Cam Reveals Corn Crib Visitors

Scott has been frustrated by the trail camera's inability to capture images of whatever it is that lives beneath our concrete barn floor.  Since his career as a National Geographic photographer rests on his skills at catching wild animals in their natural (or unnatural) habitats, Scott decided to position the camera in the corn crib.  He has been feeding Bibbers, our corn crib kitty, regularly and assumes other animals help eat the thrice-weekly portion of Meow Mix. 

Let's see what the camera revealed after one 24-hour period . . .

Bibbers was the most-frequent visitor. 
Here he is as 2:04PM on Sunday.

Bibbers heard the clicking of the camera's shutter and
moved in for a closer look.

Aha!  A nighttime visitor . . .a nice chubby raccoon made an appearance at 2:43AM Monday.

At 9:15AM Monday, the camera caught Dapper Dan, one of two black and white cats that we've seen at noTTafarm.

Here's the tortoiseshell cat, Morty, at 12:45PM Monday.

At 10:11AM, Tux came by but missed getting a morsel.
Just before Scott came in with more food, an opossum investigated.  This photo was snapped at 6:11PM Monday.

We know that our noTTafarm "wildlife" isn't exactly wild.  And we certainly don't intend to feed all of the cats, raccoons, and opossums in northern Douglas County.  But it's fun to see who shows up when the feeding bowl is full.

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