Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Structural Remediation Complete!

The contractor's crew finished their time at noTTafarm (for now) on Tuesday.  They undertook one final task:  the removal of the wall separating two of the second floor bedrooms.  The ceiling is now held up by a new micro-lam beam. 
Scott plans on cladding the unfinished beam with a more attractive wood.  He also wants to add a series of false beams to balance the look.

The doorway on the right will be eliminated which will offer more wall space both in the landing/hallway and in the bedroom. 

Meanwhile, final cleanup in the basement included the removal of the temporary support walls.  Because one joist was still sagging due to notches created to accomodate the 1972 addition's duct work , two short stud walls and one extra stud column were added.  The basement has alot more open floor space even with these unexpected supports.

With this major project complete, the next step is for a plumber to hook up the new water service.
Stay tuned for details!

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