Sunday, January 9, 2011

Splitting Wood is Good Exercise

Our nephew, Andrew, convinced his older brother, Pat, that splitting wood at noTTafarm on a January Saturday was a great idea.  And he was right!  Andrew, armed with his newly-purchased maul, and Pat, armed with his can-do attitude, worked feverishly for a couple of hours.  They tackled the wood pile of freshly-felled logs that we've created over the past few months.
What they lacked in experience, they made up for with fashion.

Andrew was determined to split a log of osage orange, the toughest tree on the planet (or at least at noTTafarm).

Pat did a great job and agreed that splitting wood is a great alternative to working out at the gym.

The mighty lumberjacks with the spoils of their labor.

Thanks, Boys! 
We look forward to your participation in the official
Camp Lumberjack Olympics.
P.S.  I modified these photos using the on-line service, Picnik.  I thought the 1960's editing tool was a cool one to use for this article.

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