Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Turning Back: Demolition Time!

January is Jumpin' at noTTafarm!  The contractor was kind enough to leave the dumpster for us to use after he completed the structural work.  We took advantage and filled that puppy up this past weekend with various flooring, lots of plaster chunks, and a wood lath or two.  Scroll down for the photographic proof!
You'll remember from last week that I pulled the indoor/outdoor carpeting and the sheet vinyl beneath it out of the nook and the adjacent hallway.  Scott tackled the next layer...which we discovered was held down by no fewer than 10,000 nails.  Ugh!

Here are the tools of the weekend:  wonder bar and hammer.  You can tell this is my set by its relatively bright-and-shiny appearance.

Look!  I'm actually working!  You can tell this is me because Scott monogrammed my gloves with a Sharpie.

Periodic sweeping gave me a chance to stretch my legs and keep the dust to a minimum.

Sing along time:  "10,000 nails on the floor. 10,000 nails on the floor!  You pull one up, toss it aside . . . 9,999 nails on the floor."

The linoleum you see here was covering up the original oak floors.  It appears that the oak is too far gone to rehab and reuse.  Scott is considering lots of options.

Hi, My Name is Kristin.  I'm a hard worker!

While I enjoyed time on the floor, Scott started tearing out the plaster in the second floor bathroom.  The structural work, as predicted, caused a lot of plaster to crack - plus we will be redoing the wiring and plumbing in this bathroom.

The exposed wood lath makes a neat pattern - especially when juxtaposed with the soil stack. 

Thanks for stopping by!  We will helping Ray and Jolene at "Is-A-Farm" next weekend.  We're going to be given tasks to do in a house with heat, television, and running water.  It will be heavenly!

See you next week for more demolition fun!

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