Sunday, January 9, 2011

Demolition Day

Scott and I took a few hours Saturday afternoon to do a little demo.  He took some plaster out of the former living room and I tore all of the carpeting out of the dining nook and hallway.  What a chore!  (I think he got the better end of that task list.) 
The carpet was glued to sheet vinyl.  The vinyl was placed over a thin layer of fiber board.  Beneath that is more linoleum and tar...but underneath that is oak.  Is it worth it to keep scraping?  We'll see.

Scott removed the plaster from the east wall of the 1920 living room.  The structural work created big cracks in plaster all around the house.

The plaster removal revealed the original ductwork.  This stamp says the "Handy Furnace Pipe" was patented in 1908 by the R. Meyer & Bro. Co. of Peoria, Illinois.

Plenty more demolition to come.
Stay tuned for details!

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