Friday, March 4, 2011

"Chim chiminey, Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-ee!"

After lunch on Saturday, (February 26), Scott set me to work removing the plaster from the chimney in the 1920 dining room.   My arms got quite a work-out as I chipped away at a layer of plaster and wet sand, 2-inches thick. 
Here I am in action.

 I used the brick hammer to score a straight line across the face of the chimney. 
Then I wedged a chisel at the top (where the brick was already exposed) and pounded like heck.  I got lucky a few times and big horizontal chunks fell free.  Most of the material was wet sand, so sand and plaster chips flew everywhere.  I had to keep my mouth shut or wind up with sand between my teeth.  (Imagine me keeping my mouth shut for an hour?)  Sorry there is no photographic evidence - but have you ever tried to take a picture while using a hammer and chisel?  It's not very easy and I don't know how to use the timer.

Check out this wallpaper!  It seems to be in keeping with what would have been used in 1920:  botanical print, pink petals, grey foilage and background. 

Then, like magic, it was done!
Actually, this magic came at the hands of my Dad! Mom and Dad were in Omaha for a Saturday night concert.  Chelsie tagged along - and forced me to spend the afternoon shopping instead of working at noTTafarm!

When the new kitchen is completed, this exposed brick will be a great accent plus serve the useful purpose of housing the vent for the range.

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