Friday, March 25, 2011

George + Tom = $35

The 1950's vintage chest freezer left for us by the previous homeowners still hummed happily when plugged in but it had definitely reached the end of its useful life.  We took advantage of a program sponsored by Omaha Public Power District and had the freezer hauled away.  According to OPPD, nearly 95% of the freezer's parts will be recycled.

Two workers from JACO arrived Friday morning.  After assessing the pathway, Tom removed the door. 

George was the brawn of the operation.  Six-foot-ten, shaved head, falsetto voice...he could perfectly play a villian in an action movie.  Luckily, his good attitude and happy laugh made light of the task.  The bonus of the entire program is that OPPD is sending us a check for $35 as a "thank you" for participating. 
Thanks, Tom & George!

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