Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elusive Burrowing Barn Bandit Caught on Camera!

We've wondered for months what type of creature lives under the barn's concrete slab.  You may remember our stories of the mounds of excavated dirt and the unsuccessful trail camera sessions which yielded only an assortment of neighborhood cats.  Scott repositioned the camera and look what we've discovered . . .
The arrow points to the entry of the den. 
The dirt in that large pile should be under the floor where it belongs!
There's no mistaking those markings on his face.
The badger is a fatty - this shot shows him/her? from the back side.

Scott is now in full badger research mode.  It appears that American Badgers like to hunker down during the winter but are more transient during warmer months.  The good news is that they enjoy a diet of rodents, moles and snakes. 

And, no, we do not advise that you go in the barn and poke the badger with a sharp stick. 

Have you seen the movie "Fantastic Mr. Fox"? 
Bill Murray voices the role of the Badger, a high-powered attorney.  Wouldn't it be neat if our badger was Bill Murray?  Or better yet, if our badger was a fox and it was really George Clooney?  But I digress . . .

See You Soon for Our Next Adventure!

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  1. Gross! Please have that little guy out by Thanksgiving time!!!