Friday, March 25, 2011

1920s Bath Renovation Continues

The focus of the March 19-20 weekend at noTTafarm was the continued work in the upstairs bathroom.  We began the day on Saturday by knocking down the lath and insulation.  Quite a mess!
Demolition is always a fast and furious task.

But it's a messy task, too!  The insulation looked like it might just stay between the rafters . . . but loved falling on your head when you least expected it.  The nails used to hold the lath up for the last ninety years are still sharp, as my left foot can attest.  Lucky for me, Marita insisted on driving me to the nearest tetanus shot dispensary!  

Carl spent Saturday pulling nails out of 2x4s.  On Sunday, he was a great help to Scott as he framed the walls in the bathroom. 

With new insulation stapled in place, Scott gives this weekend's progress the "thumbs up"!

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