Friday, March 25, 2011

A Perfect Vacation Day

We are hoping that the plumber and electrician can return within the next week or so to finish necessary work in the bathroom and powder room. In order to get these spaces ready for the contractors, Scott and I took Thursday and Friday as vacation days.  Friday, we concentrated on the powder room area which, in typical Scott fashion, included work in the dining nook and adjacent hallway.
The existing drywall ceiling was installed nine inches below the original plaster.  The decision to eliminate the dropped ceiling was an easy one, so Scott began by cutting around the exterior of the powder room.   

Pulling down the drywall released a lot of broken plaster from above.

Scott discovered this signature on a 2x4 over the dining room door.  The previous homeowner, Richard Norgard, signed this piece when he framed the dining nook and powder room.  Scott cut this piece down separately so we're saving it for now along with wallpaper scraps and flooring bits.

It took several trips to the dumpster to clean up the pile of plaster, then several more to haul out the lath.

While we were at it, we eliminated the drywall from the wall separating the hallway from the dining room.  This wall will be replaced because it will eventually be the "stove wall" in my new kitchen!

Whew!  That was a busy Friday! 
I wonder what fun Saturday will bring?

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