Sunday, March 13, 2011

Steady Progress

The past few weekends, we have continued on our quest to remove all original materials of the first floor powder room and the second floor bathroom.  Just when you think demolition is complete, "we" (hint:  not me) decide that it should go a step further.  The progress has been slow and steady but not necessarily the type of activity that makes great "action shots".  This post will catch you up:
Scott special-ordered supplies which will help build the shower. 
Here's the shower pan, set in its future home.
Hmm....let's go ahead and take all that plaster off the ceiling and all that lath of the wall. 
We're keeping the big mirror in the hallway. 
Tux enjoyed the sun while I snapped a photo with the telephoto.
Bibbers enjoyed the sun by napping on a pile of dirt.
Scott and Carl tackled the lath removal in the second floor bathroom.
On Sunday March 6, Mike and Brandy Stolle stopped by noTTafarm with their two kids Maysen (6) and Cohen (nearly 3). 
Mike is also an architect so he was happy to give Scott his professional opinion on the house plans.
Finally, by the end of Sunday March 13, the bathroom is nearly to its turn-around point.  The lath has been removed and we've added a vapor barrier over the insulation.  The OSB sub-floor panels have been cut and are temporarily in place.   Next, we will remove the lath on the ceiling and replace the insulation which is sure to fall; so, stay tuned for the fun next week!

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