Friday, February 25, 2011

Scott Tackles Driveway Maintenance (Without a Tractor)

The recent snowplowing of the driveway displaced some of the 34 tons of new crushed rock we bought in early January.  The foot (several feet in spots!) of snow that drifted over the driveway finally melted during a warm spell in mid-February, and revealed that a large portion of the rock was no longer where it was supposed to be.  Since Scott still doesn't have a tractor (even after several well-fought debates), he had two choices:  scoop the rock by the shovelful back into the driveway or figure out an ingenious system that would utilize the trailer and the Ford Escape. 

Scott took a scrap 1/2-inch x 2-inch x 50-inch steel plate and screwed it to a 2x6 to create a grading blade.  The blade was mounted to the folding ramp tailgate of the trailer, then weighted down with four 60-pound tubes of sand.
After four or five passes up and down the driveway, a lot of gravel had found its way home.

Here's a view of the grader in action.  It's pulling quite a pile of gravel!

Another view of the lowered grading blade.

Almost back to normal!

The Escape continues to live up to its "workhorse" reputation!

Note how the blade was attached to the trailer, angled inward to pull the rock toward the center of the driveway.

Another view.

Scott did a great job of entertaining himself for the weekend!  I toiled away at the office 7 hours each Saturday and Sunday - so that is why this story is the most exciting thing we can tell you about the weekend of February 19. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next noTTafarm Adventure!

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