Monday, February 7, 2011

Who's Thirsty?

Clean, refreshing, bacteria-free water has arrived at noTTafarm!

Come and get it!  

Steve, the contractor that brought water to the house from the NRD tap at the street, recommended a plumber that was capable of connecting the new water service inside the basement to the household fixtures.  Cody, Steve's nephew and a more-than-qualified licensed plumber, spent two and a half days in late January at noTTafarm.  He replaced old piping with new, shiny copper pipes and installed a new water heater.  He did a super job - and he didn't mind the extra company (and noise!) we had last Saturday during the Demolition Derby. 

Cody got the piping ready for a water softener we'll install next to the new water heater when the new addition is built. 

Cody will be back later in February to run some plumbing from the basement to the first floor powder room and the second floor bathroom.  Until then, we have "good" water (two kinds:  cold and hot!) in the kitchen and basement bathroom. 

Scott shows off the awesome water pressure we now have at the basement laundry tap.

Amazing how such a simple thing we usually take for granted makes the old house feel like a home!  I even had fun cleaning the kitchen with genuine soap-and-water!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the water being hooked up and the new snow blower!