Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Dingo Sighting!

My effort to bring back Meryl Streep's infamous line "The dingo ate my baby!" from the classic 1988 movie, A Cry in the Dark, fell on on deaf ears Friday afternoon.  The mighty roar of the rented Toro Dingo filled the air as Scott and I took a few hours of vacation to enjoy a beautiful October day at noTTafarm.  The Dingo was the perfect tool to use to begin grading the corn crib site, the first step toward total corn crib rehabilitation.
Scott rented the Dingo for 24 hours/8 hours of running time.
Luckily, Scott is a Dingo expert! He used his instinct and knowledge gained from his Toro mower to get it working.

Scott and the Dingo moved so much dirt . . . if he had just used a shovel, it would have taken a week.

Dumping the dirt in the new pile behind the barn.  Anyone need any dirt?  Come and get it!

The Dingo was also handy for transporting big chunks of concrete to a new concrete dump.  Anyone need any used concrete chunks?  Come and get 'em!
Another pile of dirt was created on the north side (back) of the corn crib.  Scott pushed out about 8 inches of dirt in the crib's center bay.

The Dingo easily knocked over three tree stumps that were behind the corn crib.

Grading complete!
Scott used the Dingo from about 2PM Friday til it was dark...then we were out at noTTafarm bright and early Saturday to finish up so he could return it by the noon deadline. 


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