Monday, September 20, 2010

A Weekend Spent Down in the Dumps(ter)

Chapter Two:  Sunday

Scott headed out to noTTafarm early Sunday.  While I slept in a bit and went to church, he delivered his folks home from an early flight arrival.  He took advantage of the time by rounding up a few odds and ends (like empty trash barrels).  I journeyed out for lunch around 12:30 - and was happy to hear from my baby brother Tim.  He had been granted a kitchen pass for the day (thanks, Teresa!)  His stories, brawn, and beloved Chevy truck made the afternoon fly.  Before we knew it, the dumpster was full.
Tim came to help with the right attitude and a rockin' shirt.

The wood pile on the north side of the barn was our first target.

Hey, Look!  A partial skull!  How cool!
Voila!  The wood pile was quickly dispatched to the dumpster.

Tim and Scott survey the barn.  Who will be the lucky sibling to pitch in and help clean?  I vote for big brother, Mark!

Thanks, Tim and "Shirley"! 
They both worked really hard, and we appreciate it!

Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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