Monday, September 20, 2010

A Weekend Spent Down in the Dumps(ter)

Chapter One:  Saturday

No, we weren't depressed. 

We were thrilled when the 30-cubic yard dumpster was delivered to noTTafarm on Saturday morning!  It was larger than we imagined but we knew we could find enough to fill it to the brim.  The weather was perfect for such work:  cold, damp, a high of 54 degrees - far below a normal Omaha summer day.  We suited up, put the Husker game on the radio, and got to work.
Before Abe's Trash Service arrived with the dumpster, we had time to
tackle the removal of the worst kitchen hood ever. 

Scott loosens a few of the screws inside the hood.

The folding chairs helped catch the hood as it came loose.

Scott used the sledge to knock down the drywall box housing the vent duct.
The duct gets a nifty Target hat (it's temporary, I swear).

The dumpster arrives!

I made Scott stand next to the dumpster "for scale".

A couple of hours in and we've made good progress!  We started with the 17 bags of corn crib trash, the kitchen hood, and the wood pile behind the corn crib.  The pile was about 90% rotten, surrounded by weeds, and had a base of logs that we had to dig out of the dirt.
Scott rolls a big log to the dumpster.
In our ongoing effort to rehabilitate the corn crib, Scott removed most of the wood floor on the east side.
Ever wonder what lies beneath the floor of a 90-year-old corn crib?  How about a mummified opossum!

And so ended day one.
Huskers victorious over Washington, 56-21
The Camps victorious over lots of stuff.

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