Monday, September 6, 2010

Meanwhile . . . the Girls Worked, Too!

Lauren and Jolene were anxious to pitch in and do something constructive at NoTTafarm.  After watching Ray and Scott chop trees down, we went in the house to get to work.  Lauren did a great job of tearing down wallpaper in a bedroom and the bathroom upstairs.  Mom went above and beyond the call and tore out the carpet tack strips in one of the bedrooms.  Thank you so much, Ladies!
Lauren and Jolene examine pine cones while enjoying the
beautiful morning weather at NoTTafarm.
Lauren attempts to juggle pinecones.

Lauren took this photo of the "mystery plant" along the driveway.

The "myster plant's" fruit is a stickery pod.  NoTTafarm's PhD agronomist
asked me if it "stank like hell."  Confirming said stink, Dr. Ward identified
the "mystery plant" as some sort of gypsum weed.

Jolene jokes around with the tile spade. . . .at least I
hope she's joking around.

Mom tackled the nasty task of removing tack strips. 
She did a great job!
Lauren getting started on the wallpaper removal.

Meanwhile . . . .I supervised all the hard work from the comfort
of the hammock.  Thanks for all your efforts, Ward Family!

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