Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy "B's" at noTTafarm!

What a beautiful Saturday!  Clear, deep blue skies, no wind, and a high of 72 degrees ~ added up to a great day.  We managed to accomplish a few things.
Scott mowed for what could be the last time this season.  He got it done in record time but got a bit dusty in the process.
While Scotty mowed, I picked up a garbage sack full of pinecones.  What for, you ask?  Mostly to keep me busy. But I am holding out hope that I may find a decorative purpose for them during the upcoming holidays.

We are always excited to welcome visitors, and today was no exception.  Welcome, Brummet Family!  Monte, Amy, and Brenna stopped by to enjoy noTTafarm for a few hours.
Hi, Brenna!
Brenna turns "2" this week!  She's such a cutie.
The girls played soccer while the boys got set to pull out a big stump next to the corncrib.  Good thing Monte drove his fancy Chevy 4x4!
One quick yank, and the stump was out!  Unfortunatley, I did not capture with the camera the entire corncrib shuddering in pain as the stump wriggled free.  The entire east bay looks a little straighter now and continues to defy gravity by remaining upright.

This stump is pretty big but has an odd amount of metal objects protruding from it. Later in the evening, Scott towed it to the bonfire pit with the Escape.

We went on a little hike on the western trail.  Brenna got her very own pinecone to take home.

Monte + Wagon = Fun for All!

Mommy begged for kisses which Brenna denied.

Look at that face!  Such a munchkin.

Thanks for visiting!

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