Sunday, October 17, 2010

noTTafarm Welcomes Sunny Sunday Visitors

Despite the event we shall not speak of which occurred in Lincoln Saturday afternoon (hint: it was witnessed by 80,000+ red-clad fans), the weekend weather at noTTafarm was beautiful! We've been blessed with a mild, golden autumn (knock on wood) and as Scott so aptly put it this morning, spending time at noTTafarm on a clear and sunny afternoon is good for my soul.

We were so excited to welcome visitors from Papillion today!  Dave, Leigh Anne, and Meredith were treated to the full noTTafarm tour.  Scott and I took it easy on them. . . .next time, they'll be put to work!
Meredith was her usual energetic self, turning cartwheels and telling us all about her favorite Wii games but for this photo, she put on her "serious" face.
Meredith is quite the photographer for a 6 year old. She snapped this one of us near the barn.

The hay bales on the east end made an excellent perch for Miss Meredith.
"Race Ya!" 

Thanks so much for visiting!  
We hope you make the trip more often!

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