Sunday, October 17, 2010

Every Little Bit Helps

Last Saturday, with a great amount of help from Mark and LuAnn, the barn was swept clean.  We filled seven trash bags with assorted trash, bones, leaves, animal droppings - everything that you would expect to find in a underutilized barn.  This Saturday, before we left noTTafarm to watch the football game at Grant Street, we managed to finish sweeping and power washing the west entry and the old tool shop.
The west entry is now the official garden area, including the potting bench my dad made years ago.

This bench was previously positioned in the lean-to area outside the tool shop.  It fits perfectly in its new home in the garden area.
The old tool shop had a ton of clutter on the floor as well as the built-in benches.  Scott sorted through most of it and found a few usable parts.  Of course, he kept the majority of the items abandoned by the previous owners and will go through each nail, bolt, and wrench to assess its value. 

Our Sunday afternoon ended with Scott and Carl moving three tree stumps to the burn pit.  Scott knocked the stumps out of the ground a few weeks ago with the rented Dingo.  He used the Escape and a tow rope to maneuver the stumps to their final resting place.  Now we just need to have a big bonfire!
Scott invented the "Stump Knot" which secured the stumps nicely for the relocation process.

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