Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Checking Off "To Do" Tasks

Sunday afternoon was gloomy and misty - just right for putzing around noTTafarm.

First up was the task of adding air to the water pump tank thingy.  By doing this, water from the well will have pressure to flow freely through the pipes.  We hadn't done this before and we found out that the water will simply stop flowing when the pressure drops.  (Yes, it's every bit as interesting as it sounds.)
Next, Scott climbed up on the '72 addition and cleaned out the gutters. 
He did a fine job and was very careful.
While he was up on the roof, Scott took a few pictures.  The area between the corncrib, house, and barn looks smaller from up there, doesn't it?
The longhorns next door were intrigued by all the gutter-cleaning, so they came to watch.

The definite highlight of our Sunday at noTTafarm was having two special visitors! 
Caleb and Sarita have an acreage about 5 minutes east. 

Have you ever noticed how people absolutely LOVE having their photo taken when they know that it will end up on a blog that no one reads?  Trust me, Sarita is a cutie pie!

Caleb has already lived through several years of acreage renovations so he was intrigued to hear about Scott's plans.

Stay tuned for our next Adventure!

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  1. awe... so fun to have you as neighbors. it was fun to come out for a visit! next time, i'll shower and you can take my picture :)