Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Camp Fire

Marita had another great idea!  She suggested we get the Camp family together at noTTafarm for a good old fashioned hotdog and s'more bonfire before the weather turns colder.  Since most of the family works weekends, we picked Tuesday, November 2nd and invited the crew.
Scott started the fire and sharpened all the roasting sticks.
We moved the picnic table near the fire pit.  That table has been so handy!  Scott wants to build another one or two so we can have big parties outside.
 Mother Nature didn't disappoint us.  Another beautiful autumn sunset! 
A side benefit of having a party...we burned a bunch of wood!  Now there are only about 1,256,781,987 logs left to clean up.
Carl was a little tardy to the party due to a meeting; and we missed our college student Andrew.  But it was so great to see everyone and give them a taste of what we hope life will be like at noTTafarm!
(From left:  Kate, Pete, Marita, Tonya, Jeff, Scotty, Pat)

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