Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barn Door Rehab No.1

The barn at noTTafarm is one of our favorite things.  It has so much potential and could some day be a woodshop, a guest house, or a party venue.  One thing we know for sure is that it needs a little TLC.  Scott decided to tackle rebuilding the door on the west side first.  Luckily, the weather on Saturday, November 6th, turned sunny and warm in the afternoon, just right for a carpentry project.

Scott decided to widen the door by 20 inches.  First, he had to pry off some of the siding.  As you can see, the orginal door (on the left) is rather battered.

The first fun discovery of the day...a treasure trove of Asian beetles.  They were busy eating part of the barn until Scott accidentally used a little wasp spray.
Once the siding was down, Scott used the Sawz-All to eliminate the stud.

The end of daylight savings time is wrecking our days at noTTafarm!  It got pretty dark pretty early, so Scott worked by placing a 500W shop light on the roof of the Escape.  I enjoyed the evening by sitting in a lawn chair inside the barn, biting my nails as the Huskers fought off those pesky ISU Cyclones (in overtime).
Sunday morning, Scott was back at noTTafarm to try and finish the door project.  The new 20" wide side door is constructed in the same style and uses the original siding.
Scott shows off the new 20" door.  Looking pretty good, so far!
Another late day at noTTafarm . . .still not quite done.  Luckily, Scott was able to take a vacation day on Monday, November 8th.  He called in reinforcements (his dad) and spent the whole day enjoying the beautiful fall weather and continuing work on this project.  He had the camera with him all day but forgot to record any of his progress.
Fast forward one week to November's the finished product!  Scott and Carl ended up harvesting siding from the old outhouse and completely rebuilt the wider door (on the left.)  It looks great and is much more sturdy.  More doors and windows will be fixed as time allows!

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