Saturday, March 19, 2016

High Tech Improvements

Even though today was a Saturday and we have a garden to build, the weather didn't cooperate. No one wants to be outside when it's 37-degrees with snow then sun then wind then snow then clouds then sun. So it was the perfect day to stay inside and finalize the set-up of our new computers. We ordered identical all-in-one Dell computers that have tons of storage and fast processors - enough to last us at least another eight years. I spent a lot of time today just moving photos from my old computer to the new one; can you believe that my file of noTTafarm photos has over 17,000 images?
I was able to keep my old monitor and link it to the new computer so I can use two monitors at once. This is what I've been used to at work for years, so it's nice to have the same amenity at home. I can work twice as fast!

Side note: did you know noTTafarm has a Facebook page? If you'd like to see some stuff I don't post on the blog, just "like" noTTafarm and follow along.
Guess who hung out with us in the office? That's right - our former barn cat, Bibbers! He even convinced us to bring the fancy ottoman in from the library so he could sit right next to Scott's desk. What a pal!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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