Saturday, March 19, 2016

Unsolved Mystery

When we were deep in the effort of cutting down cedar trees a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't help but notice two dead deer near the trail at the bottom of the west slope. They were laying about 15 feet apart. We couldn't tell how they died - whether they were shot and wondered onto our property or if a pack of coyotes took them. I know . . . it was quite upsetting! But since it was pretty apparent that something had eaten a major portion of each, and you never know when a mountain lion is lurking nearby, Scott set up the trail camera nearby to capture the action.

The first effort was pretty unsuccessful. The camera was so far from the deer that the motion sensor only captured about 10 photos over a 4-day span. We did, however, get a few curious deer taking selfies.
Since the carcasses had been moved, we knew someone had visited. Scott set the camera up just a few feet from one set of remains and hoped for a better result.
The camera might have been too close this time but even with the over-exposed photo, it was obvious that a coyote visited.
Hopefully, the coyotes and other scavengers will do their job quickly, leaving mother nature just a little bit of break-down to do. In the meantime, visitors may want to take walks on the trail's short loop.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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