Monday, March 7, 2016

Harvest Season for Cedars

One thing we have no shortage of at noTTafarm is cedar trees, the scourge of the prairie. It's our duty as noTTafarmers to eliminate as many of them as possible. They hog water, kill grass, and create a fire hazard (plus, they smell like deer urine.) Their one redeeming value is their trunks which make excellent fence posts. And we just happen to be in the market for posts with which we will create a fence around our vegetable garden. So, with a nice sunny weekend and plenty of gas for the Farm Boss, we got to work.
We decided to first concentrate on the cedars growing in a small area near the top of the west slope. Scott trimmed the lower branches off before slicing through the trunk.  
 Go, Farm Boss, Go!
Scott set me up with the "chainsaw on a stick" so that I could help out. I got pretty good with it by Sunday afternoon.
We used the Ranger to tow some of the trees down to the bottom of the west slope where we trimmed off all the branches and created a big pile to burn later this spring. It was a lot easier to drag the tree than trim the branches, load the trailer, tow the trailer and then unload the branches.
By late Sunday afternoon, we had added two big trunks to use for raised beds and eleven fence-post-sized trunks to our stockpile.  Still not enough to complete the garden enclosure but getting closer!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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