Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day Trip to GBAT

noTTafarm-based projects were put on hold Saturday, March 12 so we could take a quick trip west. Scott hung out with my dad in Kearney while Mom, niece Chelsie and I continued on to North Platte. Our destination? Grain Bin Antique Town! This new-to-us antique dealer is situated about 4 miles south of I-80 in cattle country, high on a ridge with a beautiful view of cedar-lined canyons. The owners have rebuilt 20 small granaries on the site, connected by a boardwalk.  Each bin is chock full of fun finds.
G.B.A.T. is definitely worth a trip west if only for the scenery! Check out info on their web site: 
I always think of my sister when I see skunks. Aren't these cute? I didn't end up making any purchases but Mom and Chelsie found some wonderful things.
The site also has a large metal shed which houses their office and more retail space. Beautiful!
Our long day ended back home at noTTafarm by 11PM so Sunday's gray and cold weather didn't encourage much activity. A late afternoon walk led to an hour or so of picking up sticks - always the best way to end a weekend.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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